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Risk Management

The Rabobank Markets team specializes in helping Rabo AgriFinance food and agribusiness clients manage risk, specifically interest rate and commodity price risk. These days, volatility has seemingly become the norm in financial markets. A sound, well-reasoned risk management strategy can give you a competitive advantage. The primary goal of risk management is to protect the value of your operation from negative price fluctuations, allowing you to focus on what you do best...run your business.

Rabobank offers a range of products and solutions to help you manage the risks associated with fluctuations in interest rates and commodity prices. Our relationship-oriented approach gives us an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs, allowing us to have a meaningful dialogue with you, so that you can make an informed decision on how best to manage your interest rate and commodity risk.

If these types of services could benefit your operation, and you would like to start a dialogue with our Markets team, please contact your local Rabo AgriFinance Relationship Manager.

Interest Rates and Commodities Changes

Last Price
1 day
% change
1 Year
% change
DOW Close 22349.59 -0.04% 22.4%
US 2Y Treasuries 1.43 -0.4% 67.3%
US 5Y Treasuries 1.85 -1.0% 69.5%
US 10Y Treasuries 2.24 -1.1% 62.1%
US 30Y Treasuries 2.77 -1.1% 42.2%
1M LIBOR 1.23667 -0.2% 71.4%
3M LIBOR 1.32972 0.0% 47.7%
EURUSD 1.18700 -0.7% 5.5%
CBOT Corn 352.50 -0.3% -6.2%
CBOT Wheat 447.00 -0.6% -7.0%
CBOT Soybean 979.75 -0.5% 3.2%
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