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Clean Energy Financing

Clean energy technology financing can help you save money by locking your energy costs at a lower rate than the price of conventional energy projected by the electric utility company. Rabobank offers specialized financing for:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems, including a non-revolving line of credit for installation, a term loan for operations, and a tax-exempt municipal leases for municipal entities.
  • Other clean energy technologies, including methane digesters, LED lights, and stationary storage such as batteries and wind turbines.

Our Clean Energy Finance (CEF) product team partners with Relationship Managers to originate, structure, and execute clean energy equipment financings for clients. The CEF group also engages in non-recourse project financings for clients’ specialized, large-ticket transactions.


Find out if Clean Energy or Solar Financing are right for your business. Call or Request a Consultation with your local Agribusiness Office to learn more.

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