In honor of Rabobank Global Sustainability Day, we are highlighting a few of the sustainability leaders in California. They are:

  • Limoneira Company, located in Ventura, one of the largest lemon and avocado producers in the United States
  • Hilltop Ranch, located in Ballico, one of the largest privately owned processors of almonds in the state of California
  • Maddox Dairy manages over 3,400 milking cows at their Riverdale dairy farm

Read more below about these progressive Californian companies that have embraced sustainable business practices and investments, therefore minimizing their impact on the state's environment. 


Limoneira Overhead

Hilltop Ranch Logo

Hilltop Ranch, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Dave and Christine Long. The company has grown significantly and today is one of the largest privately owned processors of almonds in the state. The operation handles about 30,000 tons annually and ships to over 70 countries. One of the area’s Hilltop Ranch prides itself on its industry leading sustainability practices. In fact, a study examining four years of changes in production processes at Hilltop Ranch showed implementation of sustainable practices contributed to a significant reduction in land and water use, energy use, emissions, and chemicals. An Eco-efficiency Analysis (EEA) reviewed the study, and confirmed that the implementation of sustainable practices at Hilltop Ranch resulted in substantial environmental and economic savings. Highlights from Hilltop Ranch’s sustainability practices include:

  • Energy: In addition to funding 4 solar installations to-date, Hilltop has set out to optimize its facilities by installing motion-sensors to control warehouse lighting and upgrading insulation. The net result is a more efficient and eco-friendly operation.
  • Water: Hilltop Ranch installed a water tower that produces a close loop system to supply the steam pasteurizer water requirements. Water savings are estimated at nearly 4.2 Million gallons per year. This is in addition to converting many orchards from standard oscillating sprinklers to more efficient micro sprinklers.

Rabobank is proud to be associated with Hilltop Ranch, Inc.; a clear leader and innovator when it comes to sustainability in California Agriculture.

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 Maddox Dairy LogoMaddox Dairy PhotoThe Maddox family's second generation, 3,400 cow dairy farm in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley has focused on advancing innovative ideas since its inception. This focus earned the dairy the prestigious Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability award at the third annual U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards. The winners were selected based on results measured by economic, environmental and community impact, also known as triple-bottom-line success. Local experts, organizations and funding programs are a crucial component to any Maddox research project. Most recently, such resources have enabled the family to determine better ways to use electricity on the farm; pilot a dual fuel program that would reduce their dependence on diesel; and install a 1-megawatt solar power generator. So far these projects have provided reduced costs, lower environmental impact, healthier and more productive livestock for the dairy as well as cleaner air and energy for the surrounding community.

Rabobank is proud to be associated with the Maddox Dairy; a clear leader and innovator when it comes to sustainability in California Agriculture.

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2014 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards Ceremony Program

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