ACH Positive Pay


The number of automated clearing house (ACH) fraud incidents is on the rise and ACH Positive Pay is a simple and convenient way to protect your business. 

Some of the advantages of using ACH Positive Pay include:

• Allows users to designate authorized vendors to debit the business account and then “block” other transactions. Users are sent an e-mail alert any time an unauthorized transaction is being presented on the account. Users can then review the transaction and make the decision to allow the item or have it returned

• Integrates with Check Positive Pay for exceptions, allowing users to see one screen of both check and ACH exceptions

• Allows for multiple approvers for dual control of decisioning exceptions


ACH Positive Pay helps reduce the risk of fraud loss. The solution allows you to take control of your business account and monitor potential ACH fraud. By adopting ACH Positive Pay, you can reduce your risk of ACH fraud losses for your organization.


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