Rabobank America - Persoanl Online Account Opening FAQ


Q: What is a joint account?

A: A joint account is a form of account ownership. Each person shares in the ownership of the account and either party has the authority to complete transactions on the account. For accounts opened online, the account may be set up for either one or two owners.

Q: What if my information is incorrect?

A: If your information is incorrect or missing, please call (888) 945-6600.

Q: Need help locating your verification code?

A: A verification code was sent to you at the e-mail address you provided during the application process. If you are unable to locate your verification code, please call (888) 945-6600.

Q:What is backup withholding?

A: Backup withholding is a procedure by which the Internal Revenue (IRS) ensures that applicable federal income taxes are paid on certain types of income. The IRS notifies you if you are subject to backup withholding. For more information, please refer to IRS Form W-9 "Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification", available on the IRS web site at http://www.irs.gov/.

Q: What is my employment status?

A: It is a high level description of your employment status. Please indicate your current employment status by selecting an option from the pull-down menu.

Q: Why do you need my employer information?

A: Federal regulations require we obtain employer information for each customer.

Q: What is an occupation description?

A: It is a general description of your job. Please enter the description that best fits your occupation from the list provided below.

Service Provider
Trades Person



1 If choosing "Retired", please included what profession you are retired from (e.g. Retired teacher)

2 If self-employed, please include an employment description (e.g. Self-employed hair dresser)

3 If unemployed, please include your last profession (e.g. Unemployed sales associate)

Q: Where do I find my last statement balance?

A: The last statement balance is the "Ending Balance" on your last bank statement. If you are unable to locate your last statement, please call (800) 942-6222. If you recently opened the account and have not received your first statement, enter "0".

Q: Where do I find my security panel code?

A: Your security code is a three digit code located on the back of your debit/ATM card. It is to the right of the signature field.

Q: What is my note number?

A: The note number is the 2-3 digits listed after the account number. For example, if your account number is be 12345678-01 the note number would be 01.

Q: Why is city of birth needed?

A: Federal regulations require we obtain a city of birth for each customer.

Q: Why do you need the issue date?

A: The issue date is used to help confirm your identity.