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Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking App FAQs

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  • General+

    Who can use Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking?

    The Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking app will be available to properly entitled users of Rabo Commercial Banking.

    What are the benefits of Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking?

    Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking allows you to bank anytime, anywhere using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. With our mobile apps, you can:

    • Check your balances and recent transactions
    • Transfer funds between your Rabobank business accounts
    • Pay bills to previously created payees
    • Approve ACH and wire transactions
    • Deposit checks right from your mobile device

    How can I access the mobile app?

    The mobile app is available in the App Store for iOS mobile devices and Google Play for Android devices. The app is available on Amazon for Kindle devices.

    Who should I contact for assistance?

    The Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking Help Guide is available online within the Administration area of Rabo Commercial Banking. For additional assistance, call 800-959-2399 or +1 760-482-6268 for international customers.

    • Password and login assistance: Press option 2
    • Token activation or technical assistance: Press option 3
  • Security & Access+

    What authorization do I need before I can download the mobile app?

    Before you download the mobile app, you will need to confirm that your company administrator has given you the proper mobile banking entitlements in Rabo Commercial Banking.

    What login credentials do I need to login to mobile banking?

    You will log in to the mobile app using the same Company ID, User Name and Password you use to log in to Rabo Commercial Banking.

    Can I use mobile banking if I have never logged in to Rabo Commercial Banking?

    No. The authentication process for mobile banking requires that you first log in to Rabo Commercial Banking and identify your mobile phone number before you can begin using the mobile app.

    How will I be authenticated when using the mobile app?

    Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking will authenticate you through your mobile phone number.

    Who do I call with questions about the new tokens?

    If you have questions regarding the new tokens or the activation procedures, contact our Treasury Management Services group at 1-800-959-2399, option 3.

    What if a token is lost/stolen or compromised?

    If a token is lost/stolen or otherwise compromised, or if other token-related security incidents occur, contact Treasury Management Services at 1-800-959-2399, option 3.

  • System Requirements+

    What operating systems are compatible with Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking?

    The Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking app is compatible with iPhone and iPad with iOS version 7.0 or later Android phones and tablets with an operating system version 3.2 or later.

  • Check Deposits+

    Can I deposit checks using Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking?

    Yes. Deposit checks in 3 simple steps:

    1. Select Check Deposit from the Main Menu
    2. Select Deposit Check
    3. Snap a photo of the front and back of the check using your mobile device
      • Confirm the check amount, desired deposit account, and email for receipt of deposit
      • Click continue

    Why does Check Deposit not appear in my main menu?

    The mobile app must detect the presence of an auto-focus, rear-facing camera on your device. If the app does not detect the proper camera configuration, the mobile deposit option will not display in the navigation menu.

    What are the Check Deposit transaction limits?

    Daily deposit totals can include up to 5 items totaling less than $3,000. Combined monthly totals of deposited items cannot exceed 25 items and $15,000.

    What is the cut-off time for daily processing of mobile deposits?

    You can deposit checks as late as 8 PM (PST) Monday-Friday (non-holidays) and get same day credit. Funds from deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Please refer to the Understanding Your Deposit Account Agreement & Disclosures booklet section titled "Your Ability to Withdraw Funds" for more information.

    What issues might delay acceptance of my mobile check deposit?

    Certain factors can delay or prevent a mobile deposit from being accepted, including: the amount entered and amount on check do not match; the amount exceeds the deposit limit; the image quality is poor or part of the check is unreadable; the deposit is suspected to be a duplicate. If there is an issue with the check deposit made after 5 p.m. that must be manually reviewed, the deposit will be processed the next business day.

  • Bill Pay+

    Which vendors or businesses can I pay using the mobile app?

    You can initiate payments to any payee previously created in Rabo Commercial Banking.

    Can I setup a new payee using the mobile app?

    No. You must set-up new payee accounts and scheduled payments in Rabo Commercial Banking.

    Can I change a scheduled payment using the mobile app?

    No. Changes to a scheduled payment must be made in Rabo Commercial Banking.

    Can I cancel a scheduled payment using the mobile app?

    Yes. A scheduled payment can be cancelled using the mobile app.

    What are the Bill Pay transaction limits when using the mobile app?

    The minimum payment amount is $0.01 and the maximum is $25,000.

  • ACH & Wire Payments+

    Can I originate ACH and wire transactions in the mobile app?

    No. ACH and wire transactions must originate through Rabo Commercial Banking.

    Can I approve an ACH and wire transactions in the mobile app?

    Yes. Authorized users can approve ACH and wire transactions that were originated in Rabo Commercial Banking.

    What additional security is required to authorize ACH and wire transactions through Rabo Commercial Mobile Banking?

    Approvals for ACH and wire transactions will require use of a security token and the same level of authentication as Rabo Commercial Banking.

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