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The more you bank, the more financial rewards you receive

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Rewards Banking Checking Fees

Important Information about Rewards Banking

This overview provides important information about the fees, discounts, and special rates offered with your Rewards Banking account.


Checking Account
Account Opening Minimum Deposit $100
Monthly Maintenance Fee Rewards Banking Checking

Bronze: $10
Silver, Gold, Platinum: no fee
All levels age 60+: no fee

Rewards Banking Checking with interest

Bronze: $12
Silver, Gold, Platinum: no fee

Monthly maintenance fees on additional Rewards Banking accounts

A customer can have multiple Rewards Banking checking accounts, but only one of those accounts can receive Rewards Banking benefits(including the maintenance fee waivers)

However,when the average monthly balance in each of the additional accounts meets at least the Silver rewards level minimum, that additional account's maintenance fee will be waived.

Non-Rabobank ATM Fees
  • No fees at all California Walgreens ATMs
  • $2.50 per domestic transaction
  • $2.50 per international transaction

When eligible at the qualifying rewards level, Rabobank will reimburse the domestic transaction service fee charged by Rabobank when a non-qualifying, non-Rabobank ATM is accessed. This will appear as a reimbursement on the customer's statement, and will not post to the customer's account until the rewards evaluation occurs. The reimbursement(s) will apply to Rabobank service fees that occurred during the evaluation period. Customer is responsible for any fees charges by other institutions for the use of their ATMs.

Overdraft fee for checks, ATM withdrawls, and electronic bill pay.

See Schedule of Fees and Minimum Balances

Overdraft fees are reimbursed:

Gold: 1 fee reimbursement per month

Platinum: 2 fee reimbursements per month

Reimbursements appear on customer statements after the evaluation period and apply only to individual overdrafts and non-sufficient funds fees that occurred during the evaluation period. An evaluation period starts and ends 3 days prior to the statement period beginning and end dates. Rabobank is not obligated to honor a draft on an account that has non-sufficient funds. Excludes daily overdraft charges and transfer fees.

Paper statement fee
  • $2 per month
  • Platinum: no fee

No fee when primary customer is at least 60 years of age and meets Silver or Gold qualifying requirements.

Savings account fee
  • $12 per quarter
  • Waived when associated with Rewards Banking account
The maintenance fee for ONE Personal Savings account will be wived when it is associated with the Rewards Banking account at the time the Personal Savings maintenance fee would normally apply.
Consumer loan discount

Rewards Banking offers special rate discounts on certain consumer loans.

When enrolled in automatic payment, a Rewards Banking customer will receive an additional rate discount on eligible consumer loans corresponding to their rewards level at the time of loan origination. Automatic payment from the Rewards Banking account is required to maintain the rate discount.

Consumer mortgage discount
  • Silver: $200 fee discount
  • Gold: $350 fee discount
  • Platinum: Up to $750 off a home appraisal

A Rewards Banking Customer may receive a fee discount on a Rabobank home mortgage (corresponding to their rewards level). Customers who qualify for the Platinum level will receive up to $750 off a home appraisal. Appraisal amounts over $750 must be covered by the borrower. Credits will be applies at the closing of the mortgage loan. Primary residence only. Not all mortgages are eligible; please contact your Rabobank mortgage loan representative for details and exclusions.

Safe deposit box discount Rewards Banking offers special rate discounts on safe deposit box rentals by rewards level. Discounts are applied when the bill is due. Any outstanding balance will be deducted from the Rewards Banking account.


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