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Text Banking

Text Banking

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  • What is Text Banking?+
    Text Banking allows you to get account information from a mobile phone through text messaging. You can get account balances, recent transactions and find the closest Rabobank ATM/branch.
  • How much does text banking cost?+
    Rabobank does not charge a fee for you to use our Text Banking service. However, carrier message and data rates may apply. Please check with your wireless provider for information about carrier charges or your mobile phone account and service plan.
  • What are the requirements to use Text Banking?+

    To be able to use Text Banking you need to:

    • Be enrolled in Rabobank's Personal Online Banking
    • Have at least one active Rabobank account
    • Have a cell phone or PDA with text messaging capabilities

  • How does Text Banking work?+

    Text Banking is a fast and simple way to request and receive account information from Rabobank via text message. Just send one of the existing text commands, to Rabo2u (722628), and we will automatically reply in seconds.

    For example, if you'd like to request your:

    • Account Balance: Text BAL and you will receive the balance on your accounts.
    • Account Activity: Text HIST, then leave a space, and then enter the account nickname. To view additional activity, text MORE.
    • ATM or Branch Locations: Text ATM or BRANCH along with your city and state or ZIP code to view Rabobank locations near you (Ex. ATM 93420 or ATM Arroyo Grande, CA).
    • All Text Commands: Text HELP to get the full list of available text commands.

  • What are all the Text Banking commands?+

    The available Text Banking commands are:

    • bal - For the balance of your accounts.
    • hist <Account Nickname> - Account activity for the specified account.
    • more - To see additional account activity for the specified account.
    • atm <location> - To find the nearest Rabobank ATM. Locations may be entered in any of the following formats:
      • Zip
      • City, State
      • City, Zip
      • Street, City, State
    • branch <location> - To find the nearest branch. Locations may be entered in any of the following formats:
      • Zip
      • City, State
      • City, Zip
      • Street, City, State
    • help - To get a list of commands and additional help.
    • stop - To disable Text Banking.

    The commands are not case sensitive.

  • What is the number/short code I should send text commands to? +
    You should send commands to Rabo2u (722628).
  • How long does it take to get a response message via text messaging?+
    It usually takes less than a minute but speed depends on your mobile service provider.
  • Can I receive Text Banking help from my mobile phone? +
    Yes, you can receive a list of commands by texting Help to Rabo2u (722628).
  • Are text commands case sensitive?+
    Text commands are not case sensitive.
  • Why are there nicknames for my accounts?+
    Nicknames make it easier for you to identify your accounts and enter them. It is also a security feature to help protect your account information. Each of the accounts you use will have a nickname; either the default nickname we suggest for you or one you customize for yourself. The account nicknames will not replace any nicknames you currently have assigned in online banking.

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