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Security and Privacy

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Text Message Phishing

One way fraudsters may attempt to get your personal information is through text message on your mobile phone or device. The goal of text message phishing is the same as other forms of phishing, which is to gather your personal information and use it for fraudulent purposes. Often you will be redirected to a fake Web site or asked to call a number where you will be asked for your personal information.

To protect yourself from text message phishing you must first recognize it. Common ways to identify a phishing attempt are:

Urgent Language

An urgent need to communicate with you for your own security, or a request to update your information immediately. For example, asking you to verify a recent change to your account or saying there may be fraudulent activity.

Strange Links

Links that may appear to be from a legitimate business but take you to a different URL and request that you enter personal information.

Requests for Personal Information

A link in the message sends you to a Website or directs you to call a number where you are asked for personal information. The message may even contain some of your personal information already (e.g. address or the last four of your card number) making it appear legitimate.

Reminder: Rabo AgriFinance will never contact you and ask for sensitive personal information through text, phone or e-mail.

Helpful tips to protect yourself from text message phishing.

  • If you get a text message about one of your accounts, do not text back or call the number that may be given. Instead, call the sender using a phone number you trust, such as the one on your statement or from the phone book. Rabo AgriFinance will never send an unsolicited text message to you.
  • Never give out your personal information via text message.
  • If you get a suspicious text message, do not click on any links as they could contain a virus or send you to a fraudulent Web site.
  • If you receive a text message about a "service" you've been signed up for, search the Web for other reports of the message to help determine if it is fraudulent.

Learn how to report fraud.

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