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Account Alerts

Make managing your money easy with Rabobank's free account alerts. We can notify you when your account is low, a check has cleared or a deposit has been made. It's simple to set up and gives you peace of mind.

Available Alerts

  • Balance alerts - Notify you when your account balance goes below or above an amount you specify.
  • Transaction alerts - Offer you a variety of ways to monitor your account activity by the type of transaction and the amount. Use these to be alerted to a direct deposit, a check clearing or for fraud prevention.
  • Message alerts - Tell you when you have a new secure message from Rabobank.

Get Started

To start receiving alerts, simply click on the Alerts tab in Personal Online banking. You will choose how you would like to be notified and the type of alert you would like to receive.

You can receive your alert by e-mail or text message. To receive your alerts via text message, you must first sign up for Rabobank's Text Banking. To sign up for Text Banking, go to the Online Services tab and click on the Mobile Banking link in the lower menu bar.

Bonus tip: You can also set up payment reminders in Bill Pay. Simply go to the Manage My Bills section, select the bill you would like to receive a reminder for and choose "Set up reminders for this bill."

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