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Why Rabo AgriFinance?

Growing ambition in agriculture

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Invested In the Communities We Serve

Rabo AgriFinance is fully backed by the strength and stability of our parent company, the Rabobank Group — a global financial leader for over 115 years, and ranked one of the world's safest banks by Global Finance magazine.

With a century-old heritage, Rabo AgriFinance continues to influence positive change in the communities we serve — investing our financial resources and volunteer time to make them great places to live and work. This tradition reaches back to our roots as a local bank serving the needs of rural Dutch communities — and it’s still very much alive in our North American business today.

Hands-on Involvement

Through direct sponsorship and financial donations, we direct much of our giving to initiatives that focus on:

  • Sustainable agriculture and resource preservation
  • Health and wellness
  • Hunger and poverty relief

In the U.S., we also sponsor organizations that support the future success of America's leading producers and agribusinesses — helping ensure that careers in production agriculture continue to be viable and attractive.

Rabo AgriFinance also actively supports our employees' volunteering in a wide range of community, charitable and civic organizations.

Local Knowledge with a Global Perspective

We’re proud to be a member of the communities we serve — from small and mid-size towns, to major financial centers and rural farmlands across America. With our deep knowledge of local markets, businesses, and agricultural sectors, we understand where our customers are coming from, and where they want to go.

With the global infrastructure of our parent company, and our international banking and agricultural expertise, Rabo AgriFinance is uniquely positioned to provide customers with the market data, trends, and insights they need to make wise financial decisions.

Our Commitment to Growth

See what Rabo AgriFinance is doing in the communities we serve.

Rabobank Group has 60,000+ employees worldwide in over 40 countries

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