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News And Press - Rabo AgriFinance


Latest News

Rabobank Analysts Say Digital Agriculture is Most Promising Innovation to the Industry, 05/16/2017

The latest report published by Rabobank analysts discusses former and current innovations to the agricultural industry, as well as common adoption barriers seen today. As the fourth and newest wave of innovation, digital agriculture has enormous potential, but has several hurdles that must be overcome before reaching success. 

Global Pork Quarterly Q2 2017: Favorable Global Pork Market to Continue into Q3, 05/01/2017

The Rabobank RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness analysts find the global pork market is relatively stable, with rising supply from the Americas easily absorbed in the main import markets in Asia, resulting in a steady development of the Rabobank Five-Nation Hog Price Index.


Tuesday is National Ag Day, 03/15/2017

Tuesday (3/21) is National Ag Day and the people who comprise Rabo AgriFinance are thankful for those who supply high-quality, ample food, fuel, fiber and flowers for our country and the world!


Rabobank Analysts Say Arctic Apple Will Test Consumer Tolerance of Genetic Modification, 02/13/2017

The Rabobank RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness fruit sector analysts have been closely monitoring the development of the Artic® Apple, an apple that has been genetically modified (GM) to prevent browning. Ten Midwestern US stores have been selected for market testing starting in early February.

Global Wine Update: Decreasing Inventories & Premiumization Trends, 01/23/2017

The global wine update for the first quarter by the Food & Agribusiness Advisory (FAR) group has concluded that although the global wine inventories have been trending downward in recent years, it may not necessarily be bad. The decrease is not causing a shortage, but instead helping to balance global inventory levels.

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Agriculture Lending Outside California

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