Email Phishing

Phishing is a popular scam designed to gather your personal information and use it for fraudulent purposes. It is usually a two-part scam involving emails and spoofed Web sites. The e-mail appears to come from a trusted source or institution and links to a spoofed Web site where you will be asked to enter your information.

Recognizing Phishing

Fraudsters try to convince you to share your personal information in a number of creative ways including:

  • Imitating trusted sites and sources, not only in the email but also on the Web site it links to.
  • Using urgent sounding scenarios or scare tactics.
  • Asking you to "verify" your information for security or other purposes.
  • Creating links that appear to be correct but when rolled over or clicked on go to another site.

While it can be difficult to spot a phishing site, some additional signs to look for are:

Awkward greeting - A phish may have an odd greeting or may not refer to you by name.

Typos and Incorrect Grammar - This is a tactic to avoid being blocked by e-mail filters.

Incorrectly Spelled Company Name - Another tactic used to bypass e-mail filters. For example, "Rabo Bank" or "RaboBanc".

As a reminder, Rabobank will never request confidential information by email or phone.


It is important to report any suspicious activity. You may not only be helping yourself but others by doing so.

  • If you receive a suspicious e-mail that you think is a phish email, do not respond or provide any information. Call Rabobank toll free at (800) 942-6222.
  • If you have shared personal information in response to a phish email, call Rabobank toll free at (800) 942-6222.
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